Our fundamental aim is to ensure well-being for every individual and the flourishing of our planet.

Ashok Argade


Ensuring the Collective Future on Earth: Transforming India into an Ecologically Sustainable Civilization

As we stand on the cusp of a transformative era, the global landscape is witnessing the dawn of a New Energy age, marked by profound disruptions. The extensive reliance on fossil fuels, a driving force behind global economic growth for nearly three centuries, is reaching its limits. The detrimental impact of massive carbon emissions on Earth’s ecosystem has pushed life to the brink.

In response, the imperative for our world is clear: an expeditious shift towards a new era defined by green, clean, and renewable energy. The urgency is underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has magnified the climate crisis.

It is no longer sufficient to merely strive for carbon neutrality; immediate and substantial reductions in emissions are imperative. The global agenda for new energy must transition from dialogue and commitment to decisive action, with a focus on on-the-ground implementation.

Recognizing this imperative, each of our businesses, in collaboration with Reliance Foundation, is fervently dedicated to ambitious decarbonization goals. Our commitment extends beyond corporate boundaries, encompassing the well-being of our people, communities, and the planet.

Our overarching vision is clear: to play a pivotal role in steering India and the world away from the Industrial Civilization towards an Ecological Civilization. This journey involves not just adapting to change but actively driving the transition to a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with our planet.

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