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Company Name: Argade Bandhu Green Ltd
Address: GLOBAL BUSINESS HUB, 821, Eon Circle, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014
Contact No.: +912067870377, 9881510419
Pan number: ABACA2064L
Tan number: PNEA48167A
UIN: U01611PN2024PLC228377

Life thrives through expansion

ABG Global stands as India’s largest and most lucrative private-sector enterprise. The mantra “Growth is Life” perfectly encapsulates the dynamic ethos of ABG Global. Within a span of slightly more than four decades, we have established ourselves as one of India’s most valuable and stakeholder-focused organizations, creating significant assets for the nation and pioneering innovations for a brighter future for all Indians.


The conviction that “What is Good for India is Good for ABG Global” has been a guiding principle influencing our aspirations and decisions since our inception. Transitioning from a textile and polyester company, we have become an integrated player across diverse sectors such as energy, materials, retail, entertainment, and digital services. This evolution has not only positioned India on the global energy landscape but has also catalyzed a nationwide retail and digital revolution.

Our commitment lies in fostering self-reliant, sustainable growth, and we are actively embracing the future of New Energy and a digital-first approach, making it uniquely India’s own.

Ashok Argade
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