Our strategy for reducing carbon emissions


In our relentless pursuit of environmental stewardship, achieving carbon neutrality is only the beginning.

Absolute emissions reductions take precedence, compelling us to swiftly transition from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives. Our focus on biofuels and bio-pathways accelerates this shift, actively sequestering CO2 and propelling us towards a sustainable energy landscape.

Concurrently, we’re intensifying material recycling efforts, fostering circularity throughout value chains. Beyond waste reduction, we aim to breathe new life into materials, epitomizing a commitment to a circular economy.

Simultaneously, we’re dedicated to cost-effective CO2 capture, storage, and conversion, viewing carbon not as a pollutant but as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Join us in crafting a future where sustainability is not just an ideal but an everyday reality, turning challenges into opportunities for a brighter world.

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Revolutionizing the Worldwide Green Energy Scene

₹ 75 crore ($1 billion)

Investment has been made to establish a comprehensive Renewable Energy Ecosystem. This complex comprises five giga factories:

  1. Integrated solar photovoltaic module
  2. Advanced energy storage battery
  3. Electrolyser factory for Green Hydrogen production
  4. Fuel cell factory for converting hydrogen into power
  5. Power Electronics

In addition to constructing these facilities, we have formed partnerships and invested in various companies as part of our commitment to building a robust renewable energy ecosystem. Explore our collaborations and investments in the New Energy sector.

Our ambitious goals include achieving a solar energy capacity of at least 100 GW by 2030. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to making Green Hydrogen the most cost-effective fuel option, with a target of $1 per kilogram within the next decade, encapsulated in our 1-1-1 vision.

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