Research & Technology

Ashok Janardhan Argade, born in 1983 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, began his journey from vocational training to entrepreneurship. With a strong emphasis on agriculture, he established the ABG GLOBAL LTD Foundation in January 2024 to transform sustainable farming practices. His vision encompasses elevating farming standards, providing corporate opportunities for rural youth, and ensuring a stress-free livelihood for farmers, including access to luxury vehicles and cutting-edge farming technology.

Select R&D Projects

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What Is Vertical Farming?

What Is Vertical Farming?Everything You Should Know About Vertical Farming: A Revolutionary InnovationVertical farming is a method of growing crops…

Promoting a Sustainable Planet jpg

Promoting a Sustainable Planet

Promoting a Sustainable PlanetOur initiative to convert algae into bio-crude and biochemicals aims to establish an environmentally friendly platform utilizing…

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