Products And Brands

Products & Brands

Our proficiency lies in the comprehensive development of products and markets, spanning from conceptualization to realization and beyond. Our unwavering commitment to innovation has positioned us as trailblazers in various markets, gaining global recognition for our unparalleled range of products. Our operations encompass the exploration and production of oil and gas, as well as the manufacturing of petroleum products, polyester items, polyester intermediates, plastics, polymer intermediates, chemicals, synthetic textiles, and fabrics.

Each of our brands serves as a natural extension of our commitment to excellence. Our brands are finely attuned not only to the needs but also to the aspirations of our customers. Presently, our diverse array of products and brands positively influences and enriches the lives of millions of individuals across India.

Dk Champion

DK Champion

Om Agro Universal

omagroasia jpg

Om Agro Asia

om agro inia jpg

Om Agro India

argade Copy 2 jpg

argade Group

omagrogroup jpg

Om Agro Group



om agro inia jpg

Om Agro India

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