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Powering India's Progress: Paving the Way for Sustainable Development

We care about helping India meet its ever-growing energy needs.

Our quest to make India energy sufficient led us on our backward integration journey from textiles to setting up the world’s largest integrated refinery complex at a single site in Jamnagar. It has transformed India from being a net importer of petroleum products to a net exporter. We further went on to explore and discover Oil & Gas fields in deep-sea waters.

ABG Global is now one of the largest Oil & Gas Exploration and Production players in India with a balanced domestic conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons portfolio. Today, ABG Global is among the first companies globally to adopt an Oil-to-Chemicals strategy to produce the chemical building blocks of a circular economy and integrate it with sustainable downstream derivatives, useful chemicals, and new materials. With its commitment to a clean and sustainable future, ABG Global is taking steps to meet its net-zero carbon goals by 2035.

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